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LPCDHA members strongly support the Wagonmasters 4H Club—the largest draft horse club in the United States. More than 100 head of horses are at the LP fair—the most of any county fair in Indiana. Adults compete in open show events. It is through our work with the 4H club that we share our love of the breed.

As part of the annual 4H fair, the club organizes an essay competition for the Wagonmaster club. In past years the club awarded a colt to the winner of the essay competition; as times changed and the prices of horses rose, the club now awards prize packages at each club age level. Kids submit essays which are reviewed by a committee of LPCDHA members. Winning essays receive items such as a tack box, grooming supplies, or embroidered chairs. Participation in this revised essay competition has climbed as not all kids have the means to own a horse.

4-H Fair Downloads:

All times listed are in Central Time (CST)

2024 LP County Fair is July 6-13

WagonMaster 4H Meeting Schedule

Remember to enroll for 4H for 2024.  You can enroll online at 

4H members must be enrolled in 4H by January 2024
Additional Information
 Contact information:
Purdue Extension Laporte County,
2857 West St. Rd. 2, LaPorte, IN 46350

Kelsey Guadarrama
Purdue Extension 4-H Youth Development Educator
(219) 324-9407


LaPorte County Fairground Map

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